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We are excited to now have our "Mintranet" (as we have fondly named it) up and running.  We have created the Mintranet for you, our staff and also added an area for our contractors. This will be an extremely beneficial and useful tool for all of us.

Benefits for our staff:

  • New employees have current forms available, with online inductions to be introduced in the near future - visit the "New Employee Page"
  • Providing timely and accurate information, policies, procedures and resources to make our jobs easier - visit the "Mint Policies and Procedures and Agent Profile Pages".
  • Ensuring compliance and easy to access reference materials - visit the "Workplace Health & Safety Page" .
  • A more effective and interactive form of communication - visit the "Job Opportunities and News and Events Page".
  • A portal for relevant job related training videos as well as some fun or interesting to see videos - visit the "Training Videos Page".

Please take the time to review each page. We welcome and encourage your suggestions on how to improve this site, so please leave any comments on the "Feedback" section on this page.  We'll also be looking for any inspirational items that you may wish to share, so please send these as well.  And any "FAQ's" will be posted as they arise.

We know you'll find the Mintranet extremely beneficial.

A Brief Overview of Ariadne:

Mint Hotels & Apartments is a wholly owned subsidiary of the publicly listed company Ariadne Australia Limited and we wanted to provide you with a brief run down on their services.

Ariadne applies a diversified investment strategy with resources engaged in the areas of:

  • Car park infrastructure operation and management
  • Property management and development
  • Investment management and financial services
  • Maritime infrastructure ownership and operation.

Secure Parking

We encourage everybody to support Secure Parking. Keep an eye out for any Secure Parking sites when looking for a park. Please click on the logo above to learn more or make a booking.   

Any further information in relation to Ariadne can be found at their website by Clicking Here.


Mint Hotels & Apartments recognise the need to ensure the safety of contractors, contractors employees, Mint Hotels & Apartments staff and visitors when contractors are engaged to perform stipulated tasks at any of the Properties.

In order to achieve this, it is recognised that contractors need to be:

  • Suitably experienced to perform the tasks
  • In possession of all necessary licences, permits, registrations and insurances required to perform the work safely and in compliance with appropriate regulations
  • Notified of any potential hazards identified with the location or use of the area where the work is to be carried out
  • Made aware of the Property emergency procedures
  • Briefed on the necessity to perform all work in a safe manner and where appropriate in accordance with Regulations, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

Prior to commencing work, all contractors must have:

  • Completed a Contractor Information Request Form (FRM405)
  • Completed a Site Induction Checklist annually (FRM407)
  • Provided current proof of insurance policies as requested
  • Provided current safe work procedures as requested
  • Refer Policy POL0421 for further information.



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