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    Mint Bandhavgarh Resorts

    Tiger Reserve
    Tala, District Umaria, Bandhavgarh, MP

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Wilderness Calling @ Mint Bandhavgarh

One of the earliest mentions of Bandhavgarh has been in the stories of Ramayana. Legend has it that the Bandhavgarh fort was given by lord Ram to his brother Laxman (bandhav,bandhu) to watch over Lanka. Today, Bandhavgarh, situated in Madhya Pradesh is 165 km from Jabalbur and is one of the most spectacular places to spot tigers. With around 75 tigers in a 450 sq kms area, Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest tiger density in the country.

Unlike other forests in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh is characterised by its noticeable mix of grasslands, hillocks, Saal trees and an abundance of green bamboo trees. These ora characteristics not only lend a preferable habitat for tigers but also add to the picturesque beauty of the place. The park has been home to the dominant male tiger named Charger and the famous tigress Sita in early 2000s. Also famous in this park are the stories of Kuttappan, a mahout and his adventures in the forest.

When you gently wake up feeling refreshed, listening to the rhythmic melody of nature that too 500 miles away from your daily bed, you'll be glad that you stayed with Mint.

Mint, a Pan-India chain of Business hotels, Customized Premier Serviced Apartments & Resorts is obsessed with its mantra of 'Live Fresh'. Your fresh spaces @ Mint, have been imaginatively designed and created to Refresh, Rejuvenate and Revive your body, mind and soul.

Mint @ Bandhavgarh has just that in mind for you and your loved ones. Set amidst a sprawling property spread across 7 acres, resplendent with 20 comfort laden cottages and 4 refreshing tents. We host various activities and offer in-house amenities to keep you and your family entertained and amazed.

Key Amenities

  • 20 Rooms Lounge
  • Restaurant Kids Recreation Room
  • Conference Room
  • CCD coffee Laundry service
  • Modern look Swimming Pool
  • security Dining Hall
  • Convenience Yoga Ground
  • Parking Locker
  • WiFi Wifi

In addition to the usual safari with the roster guide in the park, you have an option to choose from our panel of expert guides with immense wildlife experience to make your safari a memorable experience. We usually offer two safaris in a day-morning and evening. The safaris last for approximately 4 hours (morning) and 3 hours (evening). In addition to Tigers, you are likely to spot leopards, bears, antelopes (chital, sambhar, nilgai ), langurs, fox, jackals, wolves ,langurs and a variety of other animals and birds in the park.

There are three main gates to the core reserve:, tala, magadhi and khitauli. The entry to the park is limited; hence it is always a good idea to plan a trip in advance.

The Mint Menu is crafted to offer you a blend of local and healthy food options. The emphasis is on procuring fresh, healthy and organic ingredients to give you a delectable culinary experience, that too right in the middle of a forest.
  • Menu with Global and Local Options
  • Emphasis on fresh and Organic Ingredients
  • Health Conscious Menu Options
Kids activities
While you enjoy the serene surroundings of the property, accompanying kids stay engaged with a plenty of outdoor activities/sports such as badminton, football, cricket, cycling etc or indulge in indoor recreation like board games such as chess, carom etc.

Seasons to visit

NOTE: The Reserve Park is closed from 1st of July till 30th September during the monsoon season. The forest displays distinct characters during different seasons


The forest is lush green after the monsoons and tiger sightings are more often in grasslands and the mud tracks during winters. The winters are very cold with temperatures dropping below 5C. Tourists need to come well prepared with woolens for a comfortable and enjoyable stay and safari, especially during the early morning safari shift.


The forest is mostly dry with increased visibility inside the forest. The summers are hot with temperatures over 40 in May, although it increases chances of sightings as tigers frequent the waterholes often.

Jabalpur: 165 km/ 3 hrs 30 mins Khajuraho: 245 kms / 7 hours
Umaria: 33 km/45 mins Katni: 96 km/2 hrs 30 mins


Tiger Reserve Tala, District Umaria, Bandhavgarh, MP.

For Booking
Contact Person: Harshdeep
Mobile No : +91 94797 99286

How to reach

By Air: The nearest airport is Jabalpur, which is well connected with Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. From Jabalpur onwards one can drive or hire a cab. The smooth drive from Jabalpur to Bandhavgarh is through a beautiful forest area with amazing landscape. Enroute one can stop at Manu dhaba in the forest for a fresh cup of tea and bites.

By Rail: Katni, Umaria and Satna are the nearby railway stations. One can easily drive from these stations to reach our property in Bandhavgarh.

Main Highlights of the place

Situated in MP, Nearest Access Points: Jabalpur, Katni, Satna

Characterised by Saal and Bamboo Trees

What can you sight? Tiger, Leopard, Bear, Deer, Sambhar, Nilgai, Fox, Variety of Birds